allie duzett

Intuitive Healer & Teacher
of the Intuitive Healing Arts


Are you ready to heal yourself and change your life?

it's time to be who you were meant to be

You are an important person with a divine mission are you meant to accomplish. My job? I'm just blessed to assist you on that divine journey. 

My clients come to me because they know they have MORE inside them than they are currently accessing. 

They know they have gifts and talents and insights they aren't sure how to access... but they desperately want to. 

They know they have patterns of behavior in their lives that they need to change, and urgently, so they can step into their divine purpose of healing themselves and those around them. 

A lot of times they don't even know where those patterns have come from--let alone how to change them. 

That's where I come in. 

Acting as a detective, I uncover the hidden unresolved traumas from your past and help you resolve them so you can let them go and step forward joyfully and confidently, unencumbered by the past. 

I believe strongly that everyone I work with has the capacity to do the same work I do: to facilitate healing for themselves and others, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

It is my dream for every client to transition from healing to healer when they feel the time is right--and I have classes and trainings available to assist you in that transition. 

In my work I view YOU as the hero. In the archetypal hero's journey, YOU are the hero, and I am the mentor. It is my joy and delight to help you uncover the truth about yourself and step into it so you can be the healer this world needs. 


what my clients are saying:

Allie Duzett helped me when not even the doctors could. I was having anxiety attacks so bad I couldn’t breathe. The attacks would last for hours and then even afterwards I wouldn’t be able to really take a deep breath. It felt like someone was always kneeling on my chest. My very first session with Allie cleared that. I was getting ready to get on anxiety drugs but because of Allie I was able to stay drug free.

Gail Zuniga

I was born with Turner's Syndrome and Autonomic Neuropathy. Both of these conditions cause life-altering health challenges. Much of my life has revolved around doctors and hospitals. Allie helped me after I had a radical hysterectomy at 32 years old. She eased the surgical complications, helping me finally heal and keep up with my 4 and 7 year-old. She also healed a lot of past trauma and eased my PTSD symptoms tremendously. Her caring and support carried me through challenges that my doctors never believed I'd overcome.

Kelly Marie

I have worked with several different modalities and practitioners. I have a deep respect for the many talents I have witnessed. Allie’s gifts are well honed. She works at an amazingly fast pace, she is razor sharp, and the effectiveness of her work is both deep and broad. I don’t want to sound commercial, but the fact is money is valuable. I have gotten tremendous value from Allie’s work. Worth every penny and beyond.
If a person was sitting on the fence about making this investment, I can vouch that This service is the best value I have experienced.

Lis Pontius

Working with Allie is a really neat experience. She is incredibly intuitive and is able to connect into understanding and issues very quickly. There have been many times I have explained the situation and she comes back with particulars she shouldn’t know about me (because we have only ever spoken on the phone), such as exact feelings or thoughts I’ve had but didn’t express. I find myself often impressed and going back through conversations marveling about the accuracy of her understanding. A recent example was from my most recent session with her. We got on the phone and I explained the situation and what I wanted to work through. As I explained, I felt panic coming up, but I didn’t mention it, because the greater emotions weren’t the panic. I mentioned resentment and hatred, but not panic. After I finished she said, “and there seems to be some panic along with that as well, right?” She was definitely right, but I loved that she caught that without me telling her.
Allie is very humble and kind. She doesn’t spend time judging the issues presented, but instead she just gets to work in compassion and kindness. Her voice and manner are both very kind. She is my go to when I have complex issues that I feel will require greater insight than I have. She can get through a lot very quickly and it’s pretty amazing to see. I would definitely recommend Allie!

Brittney Coplen

The day Allie came into my life was truly a divine intervention. She was able to explain to me why I was feeling certain ways about my life, my family, and who I am. Whereas in the past I would feel guilty or confused of the way I felt or acted. The things she told me about my self rang so true to my heart, even when it didn’t always make sense in the moment. She not only helped me to understand who I was, She helped me release and heal from past traumas, emotions, that shaped my life. She sparked something in me. The day I met her she “woke ” me up to a world that I knew in my heart existed but I had yet to be able to see. She helped me to over come past thoughts and bad habits and gain a will to help others like she does. She helped me to want to learn more, to really live to my fullest potential. She helped me to move into my true light.
Allie has helped me with so many things over the past years. Recently she helped me with the birth of my son. My previous son ended up being a emergency c-section. The event left me truly traumatized. I felt like I lost complete control of his birth and that I had no say in anything that was happening. I was afraid for my sons life and mine. Years later I became pregnant with my next son. All the emotions and trauma came flooding back in. Allie helped me throughout my pregnancy and birth. She helped my body, mind, and spirit, with her intuitive healing. She helped me to process my trauma and helped ease me through my pregnancy. With my two previous births I was not able to go into labor on my own. Each time I had to be induced. With all the work we did together I was able to successfully go into labor on my own which was a great accomplishment for me. Allie helped me to find my voice, I was able to communicate with me Doctors and Nurses of what I wanted and did not want for me and my baby. She provided me with support, released emotions that came up during, helped to ease the labor process, provided healing, and helped create a safe protective environment for my son and I. Because of her I successfully had my son VBAC and I will ever be grateful to her.

Katie W.

I have never met anyone like Allie.  Her gifts of healing blew my mind when I first began working with her.  She is so fast and effective.  Over the past two years that I have known her she has shown me unconditional love and support as she has helped me conquer obstacles that I thought were unconquerable.  She is optimistic and approaches things with eyes wide open. She is not afraid of taking on any challenge and her positive approach helps one see and feel hope sometimes for the first time in a long time.  The depth of her healing is amazing as she is able to incorporate all systems into her healing: energetic, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional.  She is able to communicate with the subconscious and conscious mind to pinpoint experiences, hidden feelings and emotions, clear past traumas, restore and increase your energy, etc.   She is fast and very detailed oriented.  She is amazing at getting at the root of the cause and issue that is plaguing you.  She is thorough and confident.  She is supportive and non judgmental.  She is strong and she is wonderful.  I have and will continue to recommend her to everyone.  She has been a miracle in so many people’s lives, including mine.  I consider her a beautiful blessing in my life.

Nicola Marshall

I am so thankful for Allie’s work! I asked her to do a session on my 8 year old son to see if she could help his eyesight. I am so happy to say that he was able to STOP wearing glasses after the session! It was within about  a week that we figured out he was able to see better without his glasses on, and he hasn’t needed them since. It has been wonderful. This is just one of the many great things Allie has helped our family with. She is an incredibly gifted, compassionate, intuitive healer and I’m so grateful to have found her!

April W.

Allie was basically my first experience with energy work. Our daughter was molested a few years ago and we were beyond devastated. I was desperate to get my daughter the help she needed. She was just not herself after that. She’s usually so happy and upbeat but I knew that her spirit had to have been offended and I felt like energy work would help. Allie worked on her and it was like we got our daughter back. I feel like the work Allie did was the catalyst to all the other healing she received through counseling. As of today, you’d never know that ever happened to her. I will forever be grateful that I felt to call Allie and have her work on our daughter.



Personal Sessions

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Personal Session

A personalized healing session for your one-of-a-kind energy field

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Family Session

Work on the energy of your whole family at once

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Natal Chart Reading

Discover your life mission by exploring the message written in the night sky at the moment you were born

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Jumpstart Session

A compact mini-session to jumpstart your healing