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Deep Past Resolution

Empower your future by resolving your pre-earth past

You lived before you were born.

This is not a book about reincarnation: it is a book about the idea that you were who you are long before you took your first breath on earth. It is a book about the idea that before you were born, you participated in many events, and made many decisions--and that your decisions and your experiences back then continue to impact your life today.

Deep Past Resolution is an exploration of the concept of pre-earth life, complete with exercises to help readers identify and resolve their own "deep past" events that may still be impacting them today.

Understanding pre-earth life is crucial to understanding life in the here and now. When the role of agency in pre-earth life is properly understood, the entire earth experience comes into context.

This book was not written to convey any "absolute truths," but rather a set of perspectives that can help anyone of any belief system find greater perspective on their life experiences.

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The Scribbling Solution

A Simple, Revolutionary Way to Release the Energies Affecting Weight, Health, Relationships, Abundance, and More

Are you ready to make some massive shifts?

The Scribbling Solution explains one of the simplest, most revolutionary methods of emotional release available today--an easy, effective way to immediately begin processing difficult emotions and even unremembered trauma.

Use these techniques to make near-instant shifts in your relationships, your health, your emotions, and even your finances.

One student in a class teaching this method wrote: “When I first learned about scribbling I thought it might just be a way to take your frustration out on a piece of paper. After understanding the dynamics behind the process I became very intrigued. With so many modalities there needs to be some direction as to the what, or why something needs to be healed or released, but with scribbling you don't really need to "know" what needs to be released or healed. It can be done by anyone at anytime. I like to do it with my eyes closed. Relaxing and just letting the pen go where it wants to go. Sometimes the scribbling takes shapes but most often it does not. There has always been for me a very distinct stopping when it has completed the process, so there is no guessing if there is more. This is a fun easy process that anyone can do.”

Another student wrote about this process: “I didn't know what to expect when I started scribbling out emotions. But after I got started it quickly became my go to quick processing choice because of how quick, efficient, and easy it was! Now I have scribbled dozens of times for my own emotions and those of my children. Yay for the shifts that have been so quick and easy!”

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