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Family Session

Work on the energy of your whole family at once

In a family session, I access the energy of the family as a whole and work with the energy of the whole group. Every family session is as unique as every family.

In a typical family session, I start by viewing the energy of the family as a whole: ideally, a family's energy is tightly knit and very healthy, with a good sense of flow and a sense of love and peace and safety. 

Typically there are imbalances and conflicts that show up between various family members, and that is what I tend to spend my time working on: correcting energetic conflicts that are keeping a family from working as a cohesive unit. 

Depending on the exact session, I may also go family member by family member and work on each one by one. 

FAMILY SESSIONS ARE CLOSED WHILE ALLIE IS ON MATERNITY LEAVE. You can email me at with your personal situation and I can recommend some group work you can start doing on behalf of your family in the meantime.