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Personal Session

A personalized healing session for your one-of-a-kind energy field

Every personal intuitive healing session is unique.

I tune into the client's energy field and ask the body to see its top priority problems.

As I work through the body's prioritized issues energetically, I write down everything I observe and everything the body wants to convey to you in detail.

Sessions are received by email, in written format, to provide a written record of the session that can be reviewed over and over whenever a refresher may be necessary.

My sessions are detailed and highly personalized. I do not need prior information about a client to prepare for them a highly relevant and personalized session. 

You can email me at with your personal situation for a personalized recommendation of sessions to start with--but it might take a while for me to get back to you! We'll see! 

Personal Session: Clients

How Do Sessions Work?

Scroll down to the bottom of this FAQ to order your session directly

How does a session work?

During a session, I "access the energy field" of my client to see the client's body and emotional systems remotely. I can do this from anywhere in the world, no picture or direct contact necessary--I just need PERMISSION. This works through principles of quantum mechanics: everyone is made up of ATOMS and the electrons in atoms can exist in multiple places at once. I so access the electron signature of my client, essentially from my kitchen table. 

Once I am logged in to my client's energy field, I like to ask the field what is going on with the client. I write down everything that comes to me with instructions from the body on how to fix it--or else I just fix the problems directly as part of the session. 

My sessions are pre-set to only take place when the client READS them, so there is no possibility of "missing your session:" the healing work only happens when you read your session. 

I have my work set that way because I deeply honor AGENCY and I would never, ever want to do something with someone's energy field they they would not choose. So when I set all my work to only go through with active, conscious client participation, I can be sure that every benefit the client receives is one he or she chose consciously to receive. 

Why written sessions? Do you offer any live sessions?

I do not currently offer any live personal sessions--although I do offer live group sessions on Zoom which you can access by joining my email list

I only offer written sessions for a few reasons. 

First, I find that having my clients present in my space--even remotely over Zoom or the phone--distracts me and slows down the work. When I am alone and able to focus on my work, I am able to get twice as much done for a client in the allotted time. My clients get the best quality when I am able to focus on them without their actual presence. 

Written work has the additional benefit of acting as a record of the work done. Clients can reread their sessions as often as they desire--and if they are working through something big, sometimes it can be VERY helpful to be able to read through the session over and over. 

I actually usually forget everything that happens in a session very shortly afterwards, so this is also helpful when clients come back--I can look up their past sessions and read everything that took place. 

To me, written sessions make the most sense, are the most convenient, are the most cost-effective for my clients, and create the highest quality product for their personal healing. 

How long is a session?

My sessions take place when the client reads them, not when I write them, so that it is impossible for the client to "miss" the session in real time. It happens in real time as they read it. So how long does it take for the client to work through the session? That is something that will be different for each client and each session. 

Most sessions take between 30-60 minutes of my own personal time to complete. It all depends on what the client's energy field tells me needs to get done within a session. It is important to me that my clients' energy fields are in a safe space by the end of a session, so if that means I have to go over to make sure the energy field is feeling safe and secure, I will always go over to ensure that.

Sometimes I feel inspired to include links to pre-recorded energy work I have done on related topics in the past, and in those cases I typically prorate the session accordingly (when I send the related energy work videos, I typically do proportionally less written work for that session). 

But when it comes to my sessions, I encourage clients not to think of them in terms of "time," because the time spent with a session is not really the key metric. The KEY metric here is the SHIFT. The HEALING. If a session leads to HEALING, to INTROSPECTION, to GROWTH, to POSITIVE CHANGE, to me, that is the most important thing, more so than how many minutes are spent on a session, on either my end or the client's end. 

When will I receive my session?

You will receive your session in your email inbox within 1-3 weeks of ordering. There is an option to put a rush order on personal sessions for an additional fee if you need your session right away.

Can I read a sample session?

Of course! Here are a few for you to peruse! 

These were real sessions; I changed the names and all identifying details. 

As you read through these sessions, I give you permission to benefit from them as well, if anything from these sessions applies to you. Enjoy! 

Personal Session: FAQ
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