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Chakras Within Chakras

The body runs on SYSTEMS. In the physical body, we've heard of a bunch of them:

  • the digestive system

  • the immune system

  • the cardiovascular system

  • the endocrine system

  • and so on. 

All of these systems are physical AND have energetic components. This is because emotions and trauma, while very responsive to energy work, are also material in nature. Our emotions are made up of chemicals, molecules; when we release them through energy work or talk therapy or any other type of emotion release, we are actually helping our bodies physically metabolize our emotions and trauma. This is one reason I encourage my own clients to take deep forceful breaths when releasing, to drink lots of water, and to tap on meridian points and to stretch while going through a session. You breathe out, flush out, metabolize those emotions and trauma in your actual body. Bodies matter. Physical systems can have serious energetic problems. For example: your immune system can be fragmented, or the energy of it can be missing entirely. It can be going the wrong direction, or 'turned off,' which means it's present but just not functioning. If it's fragmented and an energy worker doesn't realize it, unless the fragmentation is healed, there are going to be major problems with the system. If the system is missing, an energy worker can still work on the system wherever it is, but since it won't be associated with the body at that time, there will still be problems. If the system is functioning but flowing in the wrong direction, you're going to have some problems. Sometimes the body has an inaccurate idea of which direction a system should flow. It's very important to download to the body an understanding of how and which way a system should be flowing. Understanding the physical body's systems is very important. However, there are not just physical systems in the body that are relevant to physical and emotional health. There are energetic systems as well. The most famous energetic systems are probably the auric system, the meridian system, and the chakra system. These systems are important, but it's also important to note that there are many more systems in the body than just these. Additionally, each system is much more complex than most people initially understand. Even in my teaching, I don't usually delve too far deeply into the nuances of each system. But there are plenty, plenty of nuances, and I am working to create more modules for my mentorship program to cover these nuances. For example: each chakra is a holon, a whole system within a system. Most people are aware that chakras have fronts and backs that need to be united, and most people are aware that there is an inner layer and an outer layer to each chakra, and that both layers are supposed to be spinning in different directions, and hopefully most people know to download to each client's body the specific divine instructions for optimal chakra spinning speed and direction. But chakras are more complex than that.

Within each chakra there are seven more mini-chakras. As an example, take your root chakra. Your root chakra has a front and a back, an inside and an outside, an outer membrane, and a membrane separating the inside from the outside. But within it, or sort of overlaid on top of it, there are seven more sub-chakras that deal with sub-sets of data. Chakras are really just spinning vortexes of information, and they are as well-constructed as libraries, when they are functioning ideally. Each person's primary chakras are differently sized, and their sub-chakra sizes can differ as well. In this example, the heart root-sub-chakra is larger than the others, indicatingSo your root chakra will have its own root chakra, its own heart chakra, its own crown chakra, and all of these parts interact as you would expect. The root of the root deals with survival issues stemming from survival issues. The chakra relating to identity, when placed in the root chakra, deals with those issues of the root chakra that are tied to identity issues. And so on. The third chakra of my root chakra, for example, contains stored information on how I should function as part of my identity, in the case of a survival situation, or any other type of situation governed by the root chakra. In the case of trauma, I'm scanning myself now: in my third chakra of my root chakra, it says I have one trauma lodged there. It's from when I was 4 months old and it has to do with me relating my sense of self and identity, to my survival struggles of feeling hungry and tired. So when I clear that issue from my root chakra, it is more specifically clearing from the specific part of my chakra tied to my sense of identity. Is that important? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. It depends on what exactly each emotion needs identified in order to clear. Sometimes, emotions need you to know simple things, like how old you were when an event took place, or what the exact emotion was or why it got stuck. Sometimes you need to know exactly where an emotion is stored, and if it is important to your subconscious mind that you acknowledge that the emotion is stored in a sub-chakra, well, then that's important to know. It's important to note that the nuances of the chakra system are not often discussed because they are really beyond the scope of most healers--and frankly, most clients. If you have major, large-scale, big-picture damage to your primary cerebrospinal chakras, tinkering around with sub-chakras is a joke. People see amazing results working just with chakras generally, without delving deeply into how they work, and the finer traumas lodged in tiny spaces within, and if you've got major energetic damage to your chakra system, or your chakras are missing or deeply imbalanced, the most important thing is to get that straightened out, and that is much more important than digging deep into each separate chakra. My philosophy with energy work is very similar to that of many other energy workers: the goal is for the client to get the most "bang for their buck," and that requires focusing the efforts mostly on big picture stuff. And so for many people much of the time, it is sufficient to work on the most superficial layers of the chakras. But what if a sub-chakra affects the big picture? And that, to me, is why it's useful to understand the body's systems very thoroughly. I've been researching the body's various systems for several years now, but I've been researching them much more deeply in recent months. The chakras themselves are complex, but just as complex is the chakra system as a whole. I wondered why it was that the chakras can be so unstable--how come they keep needing to be realigned? And when I probed more deeply, what I found is that there IS a system to keep the chakras "plugged in" and permanently aligned in proper alignment--only virtually everyone on the planet comes to earth so traumatized that those crucial pieces of the energetic anatomy are missing. There are many working parts to that system and in my experience, each one needs to be called back separately. But once they're all back and cleaned and in good working order, the chakras stay much more stabilized and resilient. I will need to write about that soon. I've been putting off writing about my anatomical work because I've wanted to sketch out the things I have seen so you can see them also. I'll be working on that. But in the meantime, this is a good start. There are chakras within chakras, and that may be important for you to know. There is more in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy!

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