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Powerful Self-Healing Exercise

This is a good self-healing exercise. It's a toughie but very worth it.

This is the exercise to do if you feel caught in a hopeless situation. The important thing to know is that all hopeless situations are consequences of previous unhealed experiences. When those experiences are healed, the situations change.

This is an exercise that will combat despair, depression, frustration, anger, upset, confusion, and more. Possibly even physical pain, although I haven't personally had to use it for that. But I hope you set aside an hour to give this exercise a chance.

It's very simple.

Here is what you need:

- pen

- paper

- open heart

- about an hour alone in an emotionally safe place


Get yourself ready to commune with the Lord. That might mean meditating first or doing some good scripture study. We're going to seriously pray so prepare for that.


Get out your pen and paper. Start writing: "Dear Lord," at the top, and then write what you want help with. This is what you want help with: you want help remembering the situation that is causing the problem you're really concerned about. For example: if you're dealing with a health problem, you'd ask: "Please help me remember the situation that led to the development of this health problem. I'm willing to feel the emotions now and let them go. Help me to let them go."


Wait. Feel. Write down anything that comes to mind.

The first thing to know is that this often dredges up pre-birth stuff. The second thing to know is that memories of pre-birth stuff are not the same as memories post-birth. They're less pictures and more ideas. You won't remember an exact conversation, perhaps, but instead, you'll experience a sense of knowingness that a conversation happened, and that such and so ideas were conveyed. Or you won't even get to know what types of ideas were conveyed, but you will just get a sensation of the emotions that the event caused. Write it all down.


FEEL. You will be astonished as various, powerful emotions step up. Prepare for heartache, anger, devastation, fury, despair, grieving. All of the above and more. Or just one of those things. It will depend on your situation.

I have been very surprised as I've done this exercise at the power of what comes forward to be felt. I view it as my job to feel it and get it out of my system.


EMOTE. That means: cry. Do it. Ugly cry. Scream. Pound your fists around and get MAD. Get SAD. Get UPSET. Really just feel the emotions and actually let them be felt. Let them out, all the way out.


Eventually you will sense that the work is done. You might hear a voice tell you, "good work" or "you're done for the day." It will have a sense of completion on the one hand, and that tells you that you can put your journal away and wash your face and get back to your day. On the other hand, it will feel very incomplete as your body continues processing the stuff you dredged up for the next few hours.


This exercise is very powerful. You can clear powerful things this way. I invite all of you to try this out and email me about how it goes.

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