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The COVID Distraction And How to Prepare

Whew! My Facebook feed is covered in divisive stories and censorship discussions! I have feelings about all of them, but as I've been pondering and praying about what is going on in the world right now, this is the main message I've been getting...



All the drama and debates about statues and riots and masks and HCQ and shots and mandates and everything else--at least for me, it's just a distraction.

And the real story in play here is NOT about masks, or respiratory illnesses, or the NWO, or even human trafficking and Jeffrey Epstein, or anything else--

The REAL story that matters here is WHAT IS GOING ON IN OUR INDIVIDUAL HEARTS.

The real story for ME is what is going on in MY HEART.

My spidey senses are tingling these days--and what they are saying is that things are NOT going to magically get better for us as a nation or as a planet before the election.

And that they may very well continue getting worse after the election.

I just don't see grocery prices going down anytime soon.

I don't see people getting suddenly more civilized after Biden OR Trump win.

The Hillary Clinton testimony is scheduled for September 9--I don't foresee that being a quiet news week.

Maybe I am wrong, but my general sense of the world is that things are not on the brink of getting easier on a nationwide, planetwide level.

Part of me feels like the plug was pulled and we are all circling around the metaphorical drain--things will get faster and faster and then--whoosh! Then the fun will REALLY begin.

And hopefully not, but we will see.

I got into a discussion yesterday in a private Facebook group, where I mentioned that I feel the current news of the day is a distraction from our main divine work right now of HEALING, HEALING, HEALING.

She disagreed and argued that spreading awareness of things like child trafficking and modern sex slavery and the Epstein situation etc are critically important in our time.

And I'm not going to super disagree with that. If you only knew how many Epstein memes I have saved on my phone... . .

But I am going to kind of disagree with her sentiment, because as I've been considering what is going on in the world, this is the message I get:

When everything falls apart, when society comes apart at the seams--OR even when it's just YOUR life coming apart at the seams--when society is fine but YOU are the one who has lost your job, who has lost your loved one, who is suffering--

Being "aware" of the corruption and the evil in the world will not be nearly as important as having a HEALED HEART that can handle the magnitude of the trauma that may be in our national and personal futures.

And that's what I told this girl. I just said, being aware of this evil is not going to be helpful when our own personal lives fall apart. The ONLY thing that will get us through the suffering potentially in the future is HEALING.

Our mental health must be ON POINT, as they say.

Our nervous systems will need to be in excellent condition.

Our spirits will need to be able to handle devastating surprises with grace.

We're still in a little bit of a funny time. It's easy to pretend things will go back to normal, or to say this IS the "new normal" and shrug our shoulders like it's not THAT big of a deal.

But, in my opinion, this all IS a big deal and I don't see an easy way out.

I believe we as a nation are possibly in for some even more serious suffering soon, many of us are suffering significantly already, and the only thing that can help us is--

Healing our souls.

Finding that inner peace.

Becoming centered and feeling truly grounded and rooted in our Higher Power.

We need to learn to trust our instincts, our intuition, the Holy Spirit.

We need to learn how to LISTEN to that knowing inner voice that can always keep us safe

and taken care of.

We need FAITH in bright futures and faith that we can be provided for and protected by the Divine.

We need to learn how to feel CALM when everything around us feels like it's falling apart.

Right now, in my opinion, we are in the PRIME PREPARATION ZONE.

I have friends stocking up on food storage and ammo. I think that whatever kind of preparation your soul feels called to engage in is great for you.

But for me--

I walk into my storage room and I hear the voice of the Lord saying, "I can take this all away in an instant. The thing you must prepare... is YOU." ~~~~~

How do we prepare our souls for difficulties of the future? Whatever those difficulties may be?

When I was a teenager, it occurred to me one day that if it really were true that God sends us terrible things in life to "teach us a lesson" (which I don't personally believe anymore, at least not in the sense I originally did), well, then I should start asking God to please teach me my lessons the EASY WAY, in ADVANCE of the hard things in life.

Could I please "learn my lessons" through study and prayer, instead of through hard sad experience?

I do feel that prayer has served me well in my life. I ask God to teach me my life lessons in easy ways, BEFORE my own ignorance of the Universal Laws leads to my own self-destruction in various life situations.

This style of prayer is something I would really recommend.

To sit down and ask God: what do I need to know and do NOW to spare myself suffering in the future?

If you don't believe in God, just ask your body this, just ask your own inner Knowing.

Write down the answer you get as you get it. You can pray about it afterwards for further verification of the source.

But just ASKING what we need to learn now, and committing to LEARN IT now, instead of allowing our ignorance to cause us problems in the future,--that can be a huge gift to ourselves. ---

Another thing we can do is MAKE RESTITUTION.

The hurtful things we have done in the past, to others or even to our own spirits--these things hold us back.

We have to make them right.

Now IS THE TIME to dig in deep to our past mistakes and FACE THEM WITH COURAGE.

You will see how as you apologize, set boundaries, and make your wrongs right, the blocks on your path disappear and your life shifts before your very eyes.

When we repent--change our hearts--from wrongdoing and set things right, our lives get easier. Maybe not immediately, but over time.

And sometimes immediately.

I invite you to commit to spend 5 minutes every day with your journal, writing down the question, "What wrong do I still need to set right?" Write down the answer you get. And then ACT ON IT. Now is the time to clean out our spiritual closets. ~~~~

Sometimes the things that hold us back are not things we have done wrong, but things we

DIDN'T do wrong that we still hold onto.

Sometimes we let our hearts simmer in unforgiveness; we craft justifying narratives for our grudges.

Unforgiveness HOLDS US BACK.

Now is the time also to FORGIVE.

Make a list of the things you need to forgive, and start working through them.

This is my favorite forgiveness exercise, handy when you know WHAT you need to forgive but don't know HOW:

Opening our hearts to the power of forgiveness frees up our bodies and souls to be open to divine guidance.

And we NEED to be as open as possible to all divine guidance. ~~~~

I don't want to imply that the national discussions of illnesses and mandates and trafficking and riots and racism and corruption are not important. They are important. They are vastly important.

What I want to add to the conversation is an invitation: an invitation to use this calm before the storm to LOOK WITHIN, to HEAL, to LEARN, to LET GO, to ALIGN.

Hopefully things don't get worse before they get better.

Hopefully everything calms on down, everyone's concerns about the state of the nation are peacefully resolved, and our economy snaps right back and all scary illnesses disappear from the world forever and all of us live happily ever after.

But on the off chance that things do get worse before they get better, for any of us, in any way--

The only true preparation is internal.

Let's get prepared.

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