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Getting Things DONE Self-Healing Prompts

Getting Things DONE Self-Healing Prompts

This energy work prompt set is for people feeling stuck in life--people who WANT to get things done, but don't feel like they can, or don't know how.

This prompt set combines instructions and prompts for both journaling and scribbling, two powerful healing techniques that together engage both the conscious and the subconscious minds.

The journaling prompts include powerful thought questions to get you thinking about your current situation, so you can find clarity on what is actually going on in your own mind-body system.

The scribbling prompts are used to instantly and massive shift out of the old patterns on a physical and energetic level, so you can remove and replace old "stuck" energies right away.

This is an ideal set for a person who is ready to make some serious shifts mentally AND physically so they can accomplish the things they have felt drawn to accomplish, but maybe didn't know how.

This prompt set includes a total of 58 different prompts, to access and help heal and clear a wide range of issues from the mind and emotions related to "getting stuff done."

This does include both personal work and generational, ancestral work: you'll be clearing out not just your own patterns, but family patterns that contribute to people in your family line having trouble getting things done.

This is the perfect set for someone who is ready to start moving forward in life--or who is wanting to start trying to be someone who is ready to start moving forward in life.

You are capable of getting things done!

You can be more productive than you know!

You can honor your own physical and emotional needs AND accomplish the things you feel called to accomplish on this planet.


Today is the day to invest in yourself and start working through the things holding you back.

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