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Easy, Fast, Affordable

Creative Solutions for Easier Healing

For years I did primarily one-on-one sessions, and I loved it, but I thought: there HAS to be a faster way. Millions of people need access to this work. How can I ever hope to help thousands if I am limited to one-on-one sessions? 

I found the answer in creating affordable group sessions. I use a form of therapeutic guided imagery I personally designed and created in an audio/video format that allows any number of people to participate in group sessions that make serious changes in record time

This is where I recommend all my clients start: with group work that is largely available by donation

These sessions are pre-recorded, so you can literally go to the website, select the session you want, register, and begin the work immediately. This is a fantastic option for people who need help NOW and at a very affordable rate.


Personal Sessions

Although I always recommend that people get started with group work, sometimes a personal session is just what you need! 

This is where to apply for a personal session with me. Filling out this application does NOT book the session. It just lets me know you are interested, and gives me some background on your situation, so I can recommend a course of action. 

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