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Ready to make some serious progress?

time to massively supercharge your healing

Looking to have some work done on yourself––or even a loved one? Look no further! This is the place to be!

Sessions: Welcome

Easy, Fast, Affordable

Creative Solutions for Easier Healing

For years I did primarily one-on-one sessions, and I loved it, but I thought: there HAS to be a faster way. Millions of people need access to this work. How can I ever hope to help thousands if I am limited to one-on-one sessions? 

I found the answer in creating affordable group sessions. I use a form of therapeutic guided imagery I personally designed and created in an audio/video format that allows any number of people to participate in group sessions that make serious changes in record time

This is where I recommend all my clients start: with group work that is largely available by donation

These sessions are pre-recorded, so you can literally go to the website, select the session you want, register, and begin the work immediately. This is a fantastic option for people who need help NOW and at a very affordable rate.

Sessions: About

Personal Sessions

I am currently trying to figure out how to manage my time when it is in so much demand! While I figure out a solution, personal sessions are closed. If you feel desperate for personal work or don't know where to start at, you can reach out to me at, or post in my Facebook community, where I or many others who use my sessions can joyfully help you get started. 

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Sessions: About
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