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What Is It Like To See The Human Energy Field?


I got a lot of interesting messages after my post on channeling, including several wanting to know more about my experience. So I thought I'd write about it more in-depth for people who want to know.

The ultra-short version of my backstory is: one day I woke up able to see the human energy field (things like chakras, meridians, auras, etheric cords, angels, negative entities, and so on).

It's actually a very, very long story but that is the ultra short version.

I come from a very religious Christian background, and also my degree is in the physical sciences, so this was NOT what I was expecting AT ALL, and it was kind of a big shock.

It felt like imagination, almost--but completely involuntary. So the things I would perceive, or "see," were not SEEN like you can SEE your computer screen or your phone. It would be like: if you imagine your computer has fireworks coming out of it, or if you imagine your phone has a big red X on top of it, or something. So you can imagine those things, and you can imagine where they are and what they look like, but you are CHOOSING to imagine those things.

I could not choose it. It was just like, everywhere I went, I saw that same style of overlay on the world. I would see marks and shapes and colors all over people--not with the physical eyes, but with what I later realized was the spiritual eye, or the third eye, or the pineal gland.

I had no idea what I was seeing. But I would pray about it and feel like God was saying: "This is good. It's a present. Accept it. Run with it. I'll teach you."

So I ran with it and I learned.

I was led to some books that were helpful. There was one book in particular--I can't remember the name of it, sorry--but the author wrote her story and at the end of the book started describing her Sight and what she would see and what it meant.

I remember being utterly FLOORED because what she was describing was my EXACT experience. Down to the coloring, down to the shapes. And what she said those things were and what they did--it all fit 100% into my observations.

I remember thinking: if I were the only person in the world to experience this, that would be one thing. But I'm NOT! SHE SEES THEM TOO, EXACTLY THE SAME WAY I DO! And that was very validating.

Around that same time I discovered the book Reading the Enemy's Mind, which is a military history of Operation StarGate, the Cold War era US Army psychic espionage program.

I love this book because it took my very strange experience and made it make scientific sense. I realized: I have suddenly become a remote viewer by accident, and this IS a real thing, and people actually are hired by the government to do this as a job. Currently the military has officially discontinued the remote viewing program, BUT it continues with government contractors.

On a religious level, I was led to D&C 131:7-8, which explains that ALL spiritual things have visible matter, and we CAN see them with our eyes under certain conditions.

But that's not really the point of my post. The point is: what is it actually LIKE to experience this phenomenon?

First, I want to acknowledge the trouble with the verbiage here. This has been a main problem in my life from the beginning. What do you even CALL this? In some traditions it's been called "second sight." "Psychic sight" feels pretty literal but the word "psychic" is so loaded, especially in my religious community. "Remote viewing" is maybe good, and it's the military term for it, but most people aren't familiar with the term--and most government remote viewers are looking at enemy bases and weapons facilities, not people's health.

So I don't always know what to call what I do. I like "intuitive sight" but people don't automatically understand what that means without me explaining it--like this! Ah! For now I'll just call it Sight with a capital S.

So what does it actually LOOK like and FEEL like to experience this type of Sight? ~~~~

Just to clarify, I keep my Sight in the OFF position at all times unless I'm being hired to examine a person's situation, so NO I'm not spying on you, NO I don't know whatever in your life--no. Before I figured out how to turn it off, I'll admit it was a problem and I ended up knowing more about people than I wanted to know. But for the past five years or so, I'm pretty much only looking when you have personally hired me for a session. ~~~~~

Before I figured out how to turn it off, it was pretty intense.

Everyone has NUMEROUS layers of energy associated with them. Auras, chakras, and meridians are just the very tip of the iceberg. Every individual organ has its own energy field. Our relationships all have their own energy fields (for example, married people have a distinctive array of etheric cords between each other, and parents and children have their own connections, etc). The energetic anatomy is--in my opinion--MORE complex than the physical body anatomy.

So I call myself an intuitive healer, or whatever (I actually hate that term), but really I feel more like an anatomical researcher of the human energy field. Because I can see it so clearly, and see these many complex layers, and not many people work with that, I often feel like an explorer of new territory, figuring out how energetic anatomy works and how it relates to the physical anatomy.

Because often, physical problems are mirrored in the energetic anatomy--and when you address the energetic issues, the physical issues spontaneously clear too. ~~~~

When this first started happening, I couldn't even help it. Everywhere I went, I could see this stuff.

Every human being is SO different. No two energy fields are alike. And what you go through day to day alters the energetic appearance and function of your field.

One notable thing is what I guess I would call "prominence"--which is to say, some people have very distinctive prominent energies.

For example: we all have countless layers of energy fields, but a man going through a serious addiction is often going to have very prominent addiction energy. Sometimes that just massively outweighs whatever else is going on with them. Or a lady whose heart has just been broken might have serious heartbreak vibes and it can be hard to SEE anything else just from looking.

I'll add there are kind of two layers here: you can SEE a person's energy field, with your own psychic Sight, but it's not always 100% accurate because of (obviously) projection, which goes both ways. We project ourselves onto the other, and others create their own projections to hide their true nature. So just SEEING a person's field is not always accurate (and some people's energy fields are very well protected and very difficult to see clearly).

In an actual session, I do not rely on Sight alone--I actually get permission from the client to access their energy field through quantum mechanics (Einsteinian spooky action at a distance, entanglement, entrainment, etc) so I have access to the full truth of the situation at hand.

It's important to clarify that just SEEING something in someone's field does not mean it's ACCURATE, so you can never judge someone based on Sight like that alone.

I believe it's Cyndi Dale who says that intuition is about 85% accurate, and I'll agree with that. I'm not going to stand here and say I never get it wrong, or that I'm 100% accurate all the time. No. That's not true and I wouldn't claim that.

But when it comes to Sight, it is possible to see a lot of things.

In the beginning I was close to overwhelmed. Kidney stones, cancer, back pain, heartbreak. Addiction. Arthritis. Depression. It was everywhere. To see what everyone is going through around you, how mch suffering and pain there really is right around you--it's a lot.

But I say "close" to overwhelmed because the truth is, I never really felt overwhelmed with it. I have always been very religious and prayerful, and I found so much strength and insight from the scriptures and from prayer. There was a big learning curve as to what was safe to talk about and what wasn't, and I got to learn boundaries. But I always felt very tutored by God and very guided and led.

I learned some really important lessons.

Here is one example: seriously negative people overwhelmingly carry such burdens of grief and trauma--how can you judge them? I realized that the people I really had trouble with had WAY bigger troubles of their own that I had just never realized. But to realize it--I mean, it was life-altering.

It all just made me a WAY more compassionate person. You read sometimes that people's actions are about THEM and not YOU,--well, it's true. I will vouch for that. We all are just reacting to our own inner messes--no one reacts to YOU, people only react to THEMSELVES. ~~~

So what is it like? What is my life actually like day-to-day with this unusual situation?

These days, my non-work life is pretty normal. I'm not interested in TMI so I only turn on my Sight during sessions and classes I teach.

Sometimes I can't help it: sometimes people's issues are SO extreme, it doesn't matter that I'm not looking, I can see stuff anyway. I don't feel bad about that. I'm not judgey about what I see, because I now FULLY GET that people's experiences are multi-faceted and deep.

When stuff comes up for people I recognize that nothing is ever what it appears to be on the surface and I can hold space for that.

In sessions, I get permission to access my client's energy field so I can have the most accurate view of it. A lot of times people have specific requests for me to look at particular things, which I am partially willing to do, but only partially because I PREFER to see what the energy field's priority is and work on that instead. I feel like my best sessions are when my clients just let me have at it, and see what comes up.

I love sessions like that because you never know what will pop up so it's always a fun adventure.

When people want specific things addressed, sometimes that works well and sometimes it doesn't--because oftentimes the outer irritants people want fixed are really secondary or tertiary to the field's REAL problems. I do believe that when you fix the root cause of problems, the related stuff disappears. But sometimes the root causes are not similar to what people think they are asking for, and sometimes root causes are more complex than can fit into just one session.

One related example that comes to mind of this concept is a class I taught recently on chakras, I think--can't remember, I teach a lot of classes--and someone said that she unexpectedly had her handwriting change significantly after the class. So sometimes you fix one thing, and it has this really unexpected cascade effect where lots of things start to heal on their own--even down to handwriting legibility.

(Since people wonder: I ONLY work remotely and I do NOT take in person clients. I do 98% of my work over email, which I love for many reasons, one of which is that there is a written record of all the work done, and another one of which is that it allows me to work on people in every continent. Some energy workers who work over email just send over a list of things they did. I do not work that way. If you like reading monster essays like this one, my work is basically an essay like this, but just about YOU and your health, your emotions, your life.)

So I spend a lot of time using my Sight to view my clients from my kitchen table, typing up what I see and sending instructions on how to fix whatever problems come up. That's why I don't like to call myself a healer--I don't like actually doing the work anymore. I like just teaching my clients to be healers for their own selves.

All in all, I love my weird life and it's been working out for me. I wouldn't trade it. My patriarchal blessing promises that I would have a career that would bless the lives of many people, and I am 100% sure that my current work is part of that. Obviously I know that plenty of people think I'm crazy, but as many or more people are very grateful for the scholarship, research, training, and personal work I've put into the world.

So that's a little bit of what it's like to have a strong sense of energetic sight. It's unnerving at first. But it can teach so many beautiful lessons. You learn to let go of preconceived ideas about how the world works. You learn to rely on God and not on your own understanding. And you really learn to love and accept others where they are at.

If that was the only thing I learned from this whole experience, I think it would be worth it.

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