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Natal Chart Astrological Reading

A detailed look at the night sky when you were born

  • 2 hr
  • 550 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

A natal chart reading is an exploration of YOUR inner soul and life path based on the snapshot of the night sky in the exact moment you took your first breath. We use your birth date, birth location, and exact time of birth as listed on the birth certificate to run this chart, and then I walk you through an interpretation of how this chart acts as a MIRROR for your life. Star charts and astrology are NOT for fortune telling. They are TOOLS for understanding WHO WE ARE. They cannot tell us what will happen. But when we consult our natal charts appropriately, we can use that information for greater self-understanding and insight that can help us understand our lives better and make better decisions that are more in keeping with our own divine missions. Most people know their Sun sign--that's when you say, "I'm an Aquarius" or "I'm an Aries." The Sun is an indication of your basic personality. However, it is tempered by your Moon sign. Where the Sun is your masculine side, your logical side, typically your dominant side, the Moon is your feminine side, your emotions, your intuition. Someone with a bold and brash Aries Sun will act very differently if they also have a bold and brash Aries Moon, versus if they have a dreamy, sensitive Pisces Moon. Your Rising Sign tells you more about how the world perceives you. This is the face you present to the world. The North Node and South Node together weave the story of your personal divine mission: the life lesson you were sent here to embody, cultivate, master, and experience. Understanding your nodal path can be incredibly helpful when you are struggling to decide what steps to take next in your life. During this personalized natal chart reading, I analyze your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, along with your North Node, and the other major planets in our solar system--as well as a few asteroids, all of which combine to mirror who you are as a complete being. If you choose to order a natal chart reading, be sure you have your exact time of birth because that is critical to an accurate reading.

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